MORTAR Mess Hall

What is the MORTAR Mess Hall?

This kitchen represents a partnership between hungry entrepreneurs and a community that embraces them. The chefs preparing your food are graduates of MORTAR, a hub for entrepreneurship that enables the under-served to succeed. Together, we are creating opportunities and building a future for driven, passionate people. So eat up, we guarantee they’re serving something delicious.

Grab a bite and support your community.

Current Entrepreneurs


Cuisine: Cambodian

Operated By: Vy Sok

Serving Up: Wings, Tacos, Egg Rolls — and an award-winning cheesecake taco!

From Vy: “Mahope is a dream of my family. I learned to cook in the kitchens of mothers and grandmothers. We travelled from Cambodia to this country to start over. And now we live to feed people with flavors from home. Mahope means food, but its also a promise to the future to always be delicious.”

Paityn’s Place

Cuisine: Soul Food

Operated By: Canita Alexander

Serving Up: Pulled Pork and Chicken Sliders, Loaded Nachos, and Metts